_MG_6612Here is what you can expect the day of your pet’s visit to Swann Animal Clinic. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call!

One of our team members will greet you, escort you to an exam room, and discuss the reason for your pet’s visit. The technician will need to obtain a thorough medical history (i.e. prior vaccinations, previous surgeries, prior diagnoses or chronic diseases being managed, current medications, and current preventatives), so please bring all medications and pertinent records with you.

Your veterinarian will review the history, likely ask additional questions, and perform a complete head-to-toe physical examination of your pet. Based on the history and physical exam, they will make recommendations for further diagnostics and/or treatments and present an estimate of the anticipated costs.

Diagnostics and procedures will be performed after you and your doctor have come to a consensus on the course of treatment. Once finished, a team member will go over all prescribed treatments and medications, schedule a follow-up appointment if needed, and check you out in the exam room. You will then be escorted to the parking lot.

Anesthetic Events


The time before surgery allows us to prepare your pet for their procedure (running pre-anesthetic blood work, starting an IV catheter, administering pre-surgical medications). The time required to perform these procedures is the reason your pet was requested for an early check-in appointment.


The doctor or their technician will contact you at the number you left on the check-in form after the procedure is complete and your pet is in recovery. They will also schedule a discharge appointment to discuss further details regarding your pet.


The doctor or a technician will discuss a summary of the procedure and at-home care instructions. Copies of these instructions will be provided to help with any questions or concerns you may have after leaving our facilities. We will call the next day to make sure your pet is recovering from anesthesia well at home.