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End of Life Care

Owning a pet is one of the greatest and most special joys in life. The only thing that would make life better is if we could make them live forever. While we love the time we get with them, eventually, your pet’s life will end before you are ever ready. This is a unique pain - one that is not easy to deal with. At Swann Animal Clinic, we do all we can to give you the most time with your pet that is possible, but when the time for them to leave comes, we are here to help you through this process. 


Euthanasia is a difficult thing to think about, but we promise you that it is a peaceful time. When the time comes, we will set an appointment so that we will have a room ready for you and your family. You are welcome to bring blankets or their favorite toys - anything that will make the process easier for you and your furry loved one. An IV catheter will be placed in your pet’s arm to allow easy venous access. When you are ready, we will give them a sedative to help make them comfortable. We will then help them pass. It is very fast, painless, and peaceful. 


One decision you will need to make is what to do with your loved one once they have passed. We offer many options. 

  • You may choose to take them home with you. Many people have a special place to bury them at home. We will get them prepared for you to make that an easy process.

  • You may choose cremation. We work closely with local companies that offer cremation services. You will call them to arrange the services so that it can be just the way you need it to be then we will facilitate the exchange for you.

  • You may choose to leave your loved one with us. We work with the city to supply your loved one a city burial.


This is a difficult time for any family. It is our privilege to be able to help you through this time. Our doctors are happy to meet with you to answer any questions, calm any anxiety, or help with understanding the change ahead. 

After care options


      Heaven's Rainbow Bridge:  https://www.heavensrainbowbridge.com/#about


      Critter Camp: https://www.crittercamp.com/cremation-burial.html

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